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Nespresso CitiZ vs Pixie – A True Comparison!

Nespresso Citiz vs Pixie - A True Comparison!

Nespresso is a renowned producer of great espresso and coffee makers. These devices are as convenient as they get, and they have a very cool design. If you are a devotee of capsule-based espresso and coffee, you recognize that Nespresso is the appropriate manufacturer for you. It manages to extract a very rich flavor from any capsule, and their capsules are fantastic. Overall, there isn’t a single excuse why anybody would make a wrong choice by selecting Nespresso.

Product NameProduct ImageCheck Price
Nespresso CitiZ
Nespresso Pixie

For many folks, a good day begins with espresso. That’s why they need a quality espresso machine. 

Keep on reading to find out why you likely discover that the CitiZ or the Pixie is an ideal option for your requirements.

Nespresso CitiZ Features

This espresso brewer provides outstanding performance.

This espresso machine has a mighty 19-bar pump pressure.

It extracts the rich flavor from the capsule ensuring you obtain the best-tasting espresso you can imagine.

Nevertheless, it is notable that this espresso brewer does not automatically notify you when the reservoir is empty, so you will need to keep an eye on this one.

The CitiZ espresso machine has a bunch of things to offer.

It has what some would call a retro-modern architecture. Although the external casing is made of plastic, this machine has very heat-resistant external materials. The design itself is very simpleuser-friendly, and convenient. It’s a uncomplicated design and doesn’t require the use of levers, handles or other stuff that render the espresso brewing procedure difficult and cumbersome. All you need to do to initiate the starting process is to place a Nespresso capsule into the machine and then press a single button to start the machine.

We should additionally remark that this espresso brewer is not too bulky. The dimensions of this machine measure 5.1 inches x 10.9 inches x 14.6 inches, making it perfect for any size kitchen or bar area. It even has a long cord of 3.6 feet which ensures that you will be able to maneuver with distance from electricity outlets with it. Overall, this machine has a very convenient architecture and characteristics.

Nespresso Pixie – Some Notable Features

High performance: The 19 bar pump system delivers barista-style single-serve coffee or espresso every time, fully extracting the exquisite taste of each Nespresso original espresso capsule.

  • Speed and energy saving: The quick heat-up system achieves the optimal temperature in just 25 seconds. The automated energy saving function switches the device off after 9 minutes of inactivity and can be expanded from 9 to 30 minutes.
  • Versatility: Adjustable cup size with two programmable Espresso (1.35 ounce) and Lungo (5 ounce) buttons, making CitiZ a fantastic coffee maker for all your single-serve coffee demands. Removable Nespresso pod container, drip tray and water tank (34 ounce) for rapid and uncomplicated washing. Pour over ice to produce your favorite chilled coffee drinks.
  • Design: CitiZ’s look continues to please both Nespresso drinkers and design fans, adding a touch of refinement to espresso rituals.
  • Complimentary gift: Each machine incorporates a Nespresso original pod welcome kit with a variety of pods with distinct aroma profiles.

Nespresso Pixie Features

Nespresso Pixie is also part of the OriginalLine category of Nespresso espresso brewers. That’s why the Pixie and CitiZ have comparable attributes. 

The Pixie has the same brew sizes of 1.35 oz and 3.70 oz, in addition to the same pump pressure of 19 bars. This means that these brewers extract the flavor from the capsules in the same manner. 

However, there are specific variances between the Pixie and the CitiZ. The Pixie has a smaller water tank of 24 oz compared to CitiZ’s tank of 34 oz.

The Pixie has the capacity to detect and alert you when the water reservoir is empty, unlike the CitiZ.

The Nespresso Pixie has a premium aluminum outside casing, which makes it appear very contemporary and refined and rather modern. However, this does not have an effect on the general performance of the espresso brewer. However, because of the exterior casing material, it may have greater durability than the CitiZ espresso machine.

When it comes to convenience, the Pixie has a lever which is utilized to move the brew head. This isn’t a difficult process, nevertheless, you will need to use some energy on it. 

The Pixie additionally has a shorter electrical cord of 2.6 feet compared to the CitiZ’s 3.6 foot cord length. If electricity outlets are a problem, you should take this into consideration. 

Size-wise, the Pixie is smaller and more compact than the CitiZ, which makes it perfect for smaller kitchens and bars.

Nespresso CitiZ – Some Notable Features

  • Barista Grade: Delivers an impeccable single serve coffee or espresso cup every time, as a result of its automated operation and patented extraction system which provides up to 19 bars of pressure
  • Fast: Remove the delay period with how fast the water hits the optimal temperature in less than 25 seconds with a single touch. This automated espresso machine gets you your ideal cup of coffee or espresso to you quickly
  • Versatile: Brews two different cup sizes; Espresso (1.35 oz) and Lungo (5 oz) at the touch of a button. Pour over ice to produce your favorite iced espresso beverages.
  • Smart/Programmable: Adjustable cup size with two programmable espresso and lungo buttons. The collapsible drip tray handles bigger single serve cup sizes and recipes. Smart electricity saving mode automatically switches off our coffee maker after 9 minutes
  • Complimentary Gift: Each machine comes with a complimentary starter set of Nespresso pods (pod flavor assortment received as the complimentary gift will vary).

Conclusion – Nespresso Pixie vs CitiZ

By understanding that both of these espresso makers come from Nespresso, you know that you shouldn’t expect anything less than good performance and excellent coffee.

Nonetheless, there are certain considerations you should think about before you make your purchase. 

Consider the size of your kitchen – where do you intend to put your brewer and how much energy you intend to expend? If you need something that does the job without you touching it, the CitiZ is the brewer for you. 

On the other hand, if you desire something sleek and providing durability with performance, the Pixie espresso brewer is the preference for you.