Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine Review

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine Review

Top features of this commercial-grade machine include a large 72-ounce water tank that is removable, stainless-steel filter baskets for single and double shots, a very compact size meaning that lots of counter top “real estate” will not be needed, and durable stainless-steel casing that will last and look great for many years!eo.

Product Description

First read this Gaggia 14101 Classic espresso machine review, and then bring the coffee shop to the comfort of your own home.

This Gaggia home espresso machine is a top seller at Amazon, for good reason.

Its high performance has resulted in many customers going back to write a review after purchasing and using this particular home espresso maker.


Is this machine in the Super-Automatic, Automatic, or Semi-Automatic class?

This machine is in the semi-automatic class of home espresso machines.

Is this machine programmable?

No – this machine does not have a lot of programmable options. Switches on this machine include the power on/off switch with an indicator light to show when the machine is on, a steam switch that turns on the boiler to ready water for steaming, and a third switch called the “brew switch,” which starts the brewing process. There is no auto shut-off with this machine.

Is this machine easy to use?

Customers have reported that this machine is easy to use, particularly if it is used with today’s popular E.S.E. (easy serve espresso) pods.

What types of beverages does this machine make?

This machine makes any espresso beverage that you could order at your local Starbucks. Of course, a good recipe book would come in handy.

What is the cup height allowance of this machine?

With a cup height clearance of just under 3 inches, this espresso maker works best with smaller cups, such as a one-ounce espresso shot glass. One customer also reported that a four-ounce teacup works good. Regular coffee mugs will not fit under the dispensing spout.

Does this machine use pods/capsules or ground coffee?

This machine has the capability of using either pre-ground coffee beans or today’s popular pods.

Does this machine have a built-in coffee bean grinder?

No, this machine does not have a built-in coffee bean grinder. You will either need to purchase pre-ground coffee or grind your own coffee beans.

What is the bean hopper size in this machine?

Not applicable – because this machine does not have a built-in grinder, there is no bean hopper.

Does this particular machine have an LCD display?

There is no LCD display on this machine. If it is a machine with an LCD display you are searching for, the Philips Saeco Intelia has a great front-panel LCD display.

What is the frothing capability of this machine?

This machine has what is called a Pannarello steam wand, which is notorious for producing great milk froth very simply. There is no frothing pitcher included with this machine, however, so this will need to be purchased separately.

What is the brew time length of this machine?

This machine takes a bit more time to have a finished espresso beverage. One customer who had purchased and used this machine reported it would, on average, take approximately five to seven minutes to produce six shots of espresso.

How many cups at a time can be made with this machine?

This machine has the capability of making either one or two cups at a time.

Does it have a cup warmer?

Yes, the Gaggia Classic has a cup warmer that holds a maximum of 5 cups. Warming occurs as a result of the heat from the boiler rising up to the cups on the top of the machine.

What colors is  this machine available in?

Brushed stainless steel is currently the only available color that this machine can be found in.

What type of housing (outside casing) does this machine have?

This machine has industrial-quality, thick brushed stainless steel on the outside of it.

What type of water heating system does this machine have?

This home espresso maker has an aluminum boiler, which makes it highly conductive of heat produced by the two heating elements included in this machine.

Dual or Single Boiler Info.

No – this machine has a single boiler made of aluminum for maximum heat conductivity.

Noise Level Information

Although this machine does produce some noise while pumping water through the coffee, it produces more of a “hum” than a loud annoying noise.

Bar-Pump Pressure Information

Although it was difficult to determine the answer to this question, this machine apparently has a 17-1/2 bar pump.

What is the water tank size on this machine?

This machine comes with a 72-ounce water reservoir, which allows for quite a few espresso beverages before needing a refill.

Is the water tank easy to access?

The water reservoir on this machine is accessible either by pouring water directly into it from the top, or by removing it and filling it at the sink.

Is clean-up easy for this machine?

Although clean-up is fairly easy for this machine, clean-up will need to be performed after each use, as is the case with many home espresso machines.

What is the weight of this machine?

This machine weighs 20 pounds.

What are the dimensions (measurements) of this machine?

This machine measures 25 x  13 x 12 inches.

Shipping and Warranty Info.

This machine has a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Customer Reviews – Pros & Cons – Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine Review

Here are some of the pros and cons that are actual reports from customers who have purchased and used this espresso machine.


  • Sturdy, durable construction that lasts for many years.
  • Makes great espresso.
  • Fantastic milk-frothing capacity.


  • For some customers, the water tank design left something to be desired, due to the need to remove and clean the water tank about weekly, to get rid of bacteria build-up. One customer added that removal of the water tank also requires removal or disassembly of several other parts.
  • Although this machine DOES make great espresso, customers have also noted that it does take some practice to get the hang of making good espresso. Therefore, if you want something that is going to produce superior espresso right out of the box, one of the Nespresso home espresso machines might be a better consideration for you.

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