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Flair Pro 2 Espresso Maker Review 2021

Flair Pro 2 Espresso Maker Review 2021

First off, let me say that this Espresso machine is elegantly designed, made of quality parts, and constructed to last. It can fulfil the needs of casual espresso brewers & filter aficionados with gusto.

Flair 2 Pro Espresso Maker Review
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An espresso maker that can generate pressure to a style of espresso more commonly found in commercial espresso machines, but still produces a drink similar to that of a drip coffee maker. It is able to produce a full flavored and full-bodied espresso that is rich in crema.

One of the many outstanding features of the Flair Pro 2 is its built-in stainless steel spout that can be clipped onto the bottomless portafilter for a concentrated flow of espresso. The machine not only has silicone grips to the handle and pressure gauge for improved work flow but an enhanced-flow bottomless portafilter that enables extraction of maximum flavor with increased ease. These features make this one of the best espresso makers you can take with you anywhere you want.

High-quality materials are used in the construction of this machine, including a two-piece drip tray and brewing elements made of stainless steel, which is highly durable. The Flair Pro also boasts a sturdier frame than other machines.

Most of the increased output volume is due to the larger filter basket and more customizable depth plunger that allows you to produce even double espressos.

With the bottomless portafilter, stunning views of your extraction are guaranteed.

This is a product that is easy to store, transport, and clean easily due to all of the stainless steel that this machine’s structure is made out of. The detachable brewing head also involves simple clean-up.

Additionally, all of the components of this espresso machine easily pack away into a carrying case, and this makes it perfect for being able to transport your beloved espresso wherever you go.


The packaging for the Flair Pro 2 is awesome, and frankly, would serve well as the packaging template that manufacturers should follow. The travel case is well made and robust, and it doesn’t skimp on functions, as so many inexpensive travel cases do for various things in life.

What the Flair Pro Is

The Flair Pro, otherwise known as the Flair Professional, is an elegantly designed low-tech manual espresso maker that requires a little bit of extra effort to make an excellent quality espresso.

The Flair Pro falls under the Flair’s excellent line-up. I believe that this product does carry some exceptional features that I am going to cover in this review. We are going to examine in detail the differences later on in this review.

Who The Flair Pro Is Made For

If you like espresso and you are on a budget while at the same time needing your machine to brew up a professional espresso at home, but prefer the manual method instead of an automatic drip coffee maker, French press, or Moka pot, then the Flair lever espresso maker may be just the right one for you.

For anyone serious about making espresso drinks at home, we unequivocally recommend the Flair Pro Espresso Maker over all other manual espresso makers currently on the market. It really is that good.

Who The Flair Pro Is Not Made For

If you’re looking for a convenient espresso maker, none of Flair’s current espresso makers will suit your needs. You would be better off considering one of today’s super-automatic home espresso machines, most of which do basically all of the work for you.

Manual espresso machines, none excluded, are geared toward those who enjoy the ritual and craft of actually preparing espresso, and cannot be compared equally to a super-auto machine like those Nespresso produces. Manual espresso is similar to pour-over coffee, since both are very much about appreciating the craft behind the brew. Automated espresso makers (such as those Nespresso makes) are more about the speed and convenience, and the quality of the espresso itself is not as high as many would like to believe, and that’s why so many people tend to avoid them.

Compared to semi-automatic, automatic, and super-automatic espresso machines, this machine has a steeper learning curve, which can honestly be said for virtually all lever/manual home espresso machines.

The long and short of it is, if you’re a current owner of one of the older [Flair] espresso makers and you’re interested in upgrading to the PRO, you really should consider every feature and the cost difference of getting it.

What New Features Does The Flair Pro 2 Offer?

Although the Flair PRO 2 and the Flair PRO share similar features, they are not that much different.

As a matter of fact there are only 4 new features in the new product. Here is the list of new features that come with the Flair Pro 2:

A Spout That Is Stainless Steel Rather Than Plastic

The all-new stainless steel spout is probably the most significant change is present with the Flair PRO 2, and this upgrade is completely amazing! The previous spout was made out of 100% plastic, and replacing a plastic spout with a stainless steel one is a huge upgrade!