Fellow Corvo EKG Electric Kettle Review

Fellow Corvo EKG Electric Kettle Review

Rapid warming time, and an array of characteristics for the utmost control.

Precision designed to assist you in perfecting your tea, espresso, hot cocoa, famous oatmeal recipe, or whatever else you need hot water for while preserving a minimum footprint in your kitchen.

A Ridiculously Good Cup!

No stovetop is required with this pot—just push the dial to get the water started. The dial additionally enables you to set a target water heat from 57 to 100° C, with the reading on the LCD screen. You can additionally use a built-in stopwatch feature in the LCD screen to monitor your extraction period.

The HOLD button sets the kettle to maintain your water at the target temperature for one hour. The 900ml kettles itself is a masterpiece, featuring a minimalist sleek matte facade. It appears gorgeously stunning in any coffeehouse or kitchen. The handle is natural to grasp, counterbalanced with a silicone handle, which lets you pour at a slow, steady pace.


Variable Temperature Control — Turn the dial to warm your water to the temperature of your selection between 57 and 100°C.

1 Hour Hold — The HOLD button retains your water accurately heated for an hour.

900ml Capacity — The ideal size for brewing several cups of coffee without occupying excessive space on your counter.

Built-In Stopwatch — Tracks time once the target temperature is achieved to aid you in achieving the ideal extraction.

Comfort Handle — Counterbalanced and ergonomically shaped, this kettle feels great to hold even when at max capacity.

An electric kettle modern enough for any kitchen. Matte black stainless steel is accented with understated, luxurious controls and a subtle black LCD screen. With an almost one-liter capacity, this kettle has basic yet specific functions. Turn the heat on utilizing the basic on-off knob, then dial in your preferred water temperature for tea, pour-over coffee or instant soup. The screen shows both the set temperature and the actual temperature. Once water is warmed adequately, the temperature will be held steady for 15 minutes before turning off automatically. The hold mode retains the heat for 60 minutes, and the stopwatch counts down brewing or steeping period.
  • Stainless steel and plastic
  • High-resolution black LCD screen displays both Set Temperature and Real Time Temperature
  • 0.9-l capacity
  • Set temperature 135°F to 212°F using simple dial
  • Celsius-Fahrenheit toggle switch
  • On-off knob
  • Hold mode retains preferred heat for 60 minutes
  • Standard mode holds heat for 15 minutes before switching off automatically
  • Brew Stopwatch feature times coffee brewing or tea steeping
  • Precision spout pours neatly
  • 2.5-ft. cord
  • 1,200 watts
  • Hand wash interior of pot; descale as required; do not submerge
  • Wipe outside clean with wet cloth
  • Imported

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