Hi! My name is Miranda, and I would like to give you a warm welcome to Gold Key Espresso!

My Mission

My mission at this site is not only to provide honest and unbiased reviews of the various home espresso machines available, but to also present to visitors detailed references to the many different aspects of making espresso at home and all other coffee/espresso “stuff” that people have questions about.

I can’t even imagine a world without espresso! However, after a few years of going to my local Starbucks (usually 5 days a week) and spending way too much of my hard-earned dollars there, I decided to make the switch to a home espresso machine.

Specifically, I was spending around $5 per day five days per week for espresso, not to mention the additional dollar I felt I was required to pay in tip money.

I sat down one day and figured out that at $5 per day, I was paying $25 per week…

…Multiply that by four, and I was spending $100 per month…

…Multiply that again by twelve, and I found that my grand yearly total for espresso at the local coffee shop was a whopping $1,200. Again, this total is minus the additional dollar tip I was forking out every time.

My First Home Espresso Machine…

I knew there had to be a better option for my wallet, so I bought my first home espresso machine.

It was not a high-end one and it did take some practice before I was able to be successful at making my own espresso beverages, but I did finally learn the tricks to doing so, which really aren’t that tricky after you have learned them.

Although I did learn how to use my first home espresso machine, it was somewhat of a disappointment to me because it didn’t have a built-in frother or a built-in grinder, and I had gotten tired of having the espresso machine plus the two additional appliances (for frothing milk and grinding coffee beans) always sitting on the counter top, taking up my oh so valuable and oh so sparse counter top real estate!

On The Hunt…

I then went on a hunt for another (better) espresso machine, this time looking for one that would include more features that would take the grinder and frother off of my counter.

I searched around via Google online, but all I could find were reviews that were 100% positive reviews of different machines.

Virtually none of the reviews I found listed any “bad” aspects of the machines I was considering. It was like all of the existing websites just wanted to avoid anything that might prevent them from getting a sale.

That was disappointing, but it gave me a great idea for a website, which I had been wanting to start for some time anyway.

I decided to develop a website that provided others with totally honest and unbiased reviews of the many different home espresso machines in today’s marketplace, showcasing not only the good/positive aspects of each espresso machine I reviewed, but also the possible bad/negative ones, and let the customer decide if the so-called “bad” aspects is or is not something he/she could live with, or didn’t consider to be so “bad.”

If you take any espresso machine and present it to, say, 100 people, I can guarantee that that particular machine is not going to be one-hundred percent right for all 100 of those people.

Gold Key Espresso was born!

My Values


Before recommending any product, I do in-depth research to minimize the possibility of a bad purchase. Your time is important.

Each and every review I write is based upon my actual purchase and use of said product.


I am not influenced by money, and I don’t work with sponsors of a particular product.

All of my reviews are independent, and I will always be honest without fail.

Is Gold Key Espresso For You?

This website is a great site for you if…

– You want to consume only high-quality coffee.

– The equipment you use for making coffee is important to you.

– You want to brush up or enhance your knowledge of coffee and coffee culture.

– You do not want to spend a lot of time looking for a good product.

– You want to find a nice gift for a coffee lover in your life.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to either drop me a line at support@goldkeyespresso.com, or via the form on my contact page.